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The nucleus of the home can be attributed to many spaces but none as important as the bathroom. With its potential to change your mood - it’s where most people spend their alone time in preparation for the coming day and outside world.

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Home owners desire their bathroom to be able to switch between its roles as a family-friendly haven to a creative space that wow’s the fussiest of guests.

Smith and Son’s Renovations and Extensions profoundly can offer a simple resolution that meets both needs, with their market-leading ability to design bathroom with a functional purpose to including sleek and pristine finishes.

Not only do Smith and Son’s have years of experience renovating houses into dream homes, they also boast highly skilled project managers, designers and tradesmen who ensure the ‘home renovation’ is completed on time, to budget and is an enjoyable experience for you.

For a no obligation quote from a Qualified Builder or a Design Discovery Appointment with a Design Professional who will unearth your homes true potential, please contact your local Smith and Son’s Renovation & Extensions office today!

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