Smith & Sons Glen Waverly Open For Business

Posted Thursday, 17 April 2014

Smith & Sons is now up and running in Glen Waverly, situated in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Rao Shridhar and his wife Rajashree are the new Smith & Sons Franchise owners in the Glen Waverly area, and are looking forward with high expectations to what the new venture will bring.

Rao has been a part of the building industry now for over 15 years. He has been involved in a number of construction projects, working closely with owners to deliver them a home with high quality finishes. Rao works closely with architects and suppliers during the design phase to ensure each project meets customer’s expectations.

"What I love about the building industry for a number of years now and enjoy the diverse range of projects I get to be a part of", said Rao.

"I really enjoy working with clients to achieve the best outcome for their home'.

Rao and Rajashree love living in the Glen Waverly area because of the great schools and facilities, and make great use of them when relaxing. He also enjoys walking the dogs, travelling and spending quality time with his family. 

When Rao saw the Smith & Sons opportunity, he realised the Smith & Sons business model is what he had been looking for to be a part of.

"I had been wanting to be part of a successful building group, which provided great marketing and also software. Having systems in place to provide quality service to clients was very important to me, as well as peer support from a team around me", Rao mentioned.

Aaron Mortimer, Master Franchisee for Victoria, is very pleased to have Rao on board.

"Rao has a great understanding of the building industry and has a passion to provide quality renovations and builds for his clients. Rao and Rajashree both have excellent business skills which they are able to bring to Smith & Sons. Having had a previously successful building company in NZ it made selecting Rao for the Glen Waverley area easier. I also like that Rao has a close knit family wants them to be a part of Smith & Sons. I am looking forward to working closely with Rao & Rajashree to build a successful building company."



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